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ServiceMaster Janitorial Solutions offers some useful information which may be of help to those of you who must maintain commercial properties.  Click on the title of the articles to read more.

  Woodfloor Care


Ordinary Tasks. Extraordinary Service.® 

Beautify Wood Floors. And Protect Your Investment.

Carpet isn’t the only flooring that needs professional maintenance. High traffic in and out of your business gradually dulls your hardwood floors. But why replace them when we can revive them? While sanding can be very expensive, having your wood floors professionally cleaned is a less costly alternative.

Maintaining your business’ floors in this way preserves the durability and natural beauty of your investment. It also enhances your floors’ sheen and simplifies maintenance. We believe your hardwood floors can and should always look new. Count on ServiceMaster Clean® to keep your hardwood floors looking their best. 

  Selecting The Best Cleaning Contractor For You

Maybe you already have one, but is it the right one for you? Here's a list to help you make the best choice.

  Before Purchasing Commercial Carpet...

There is more to buying commercial carpet than just the way it looks. With the amount of traffic a commercial facility is exposed to, durability, maintenance, and installation should be taken into consideration as well.

  Hard Floor Care Trends

Trends in floor care can help save money and time as housekeeping issues seem to grow more and more complex.


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